AIGA ATL Webinar Archive

Fast Cash – Opportunities Hidden in Plain Sight
With or without pandemics and protests, every business experiences moments that require an expedient influx of cash. We can have blinders to opportunities right in front of us in the same way air freshener commercials remind us that we go nose-blind to odors. Those opportunities will morph, and change based on conditions, but our problem is rarely an absence of them as much as it is a forgetfulness to change our perspective and tactics.

Sherra Bell shares the exact principles she teaches every coaching client at the beginning of an engagement about changes in perspective and tactics. You will learn a few simple ways to reengage and monetizing your existing network for hot leads and ideal opportunities that drive easy closes and quick deposits.

Mentorship, Design Thinking & How to Make Change with Brian Rice
AIGA ATL Insider is a monthly series where we interview Atlanta in-house designers, learn about their teams and work, and discuss the themes that inspire them. Meet Brian Rice.

AIGA ATL Insider with Jay Musselwhite, FLEETCOR
During this AIGA Insider, meet Jay Musselwhite, FLEETCOR’s Vice President of Creative Services.

AIGA ATL Insider with Katie Kirschner, NCR
During this AIGA Insider, meet Katie Kirschner, NCR’s Vice President of Brand, Content + Digital Marketing.

Designer’s Business Guide Webinar Series: Priced to Sell and Profit
Selling is easier when you can clearly articulate what exactly you offer. There is a tendency in a downturn to think that the only way to get a potential or previous client to buy is to discount your services, but this should always be a last resort…and really doesn’t ever need to happen. The better option is to understand what your I.D.E.A.L. client needs in any given moment and make an easy-to-say-yes offer at full value.

It will be organized as a brief webinar training to introduce a few general principles Sherra teaches her coaching clients about making clear, easy to say “Yes!” to offers that is then followed by a conversational Q&A and idea sharing.

Designer’s Business Guide Webinar Series: Monetize Your IP
As we continue to navigate our new digital normal, AIGA Atlanta is kicking off a Designer’s Business Guide webinar series to facilitate our members in brushing up on our business acumen to adapt to the current landscape. We are excited to host a virtual lunch and learn with JoAnn Holmes, Esq. as our first presenter in the series.

We know these are unprecedented times, which have already begun to impact the livelihood of many designers. Learn unconventional ways to monetize your intellectual property to earn more income. After the presentation, there will be an opportunity for some Q&A with Jo.

AIGA Insider with Ed Roberts, Georgia Power
During this AIGA Insider, meet Ed Roberts, Brand and Creative Director, Georgia Power.

AIGA Insider with Sam Zellefrow, Kimberly-Clark
During this AIGA Insider, meet Sam Zellefrow, Global Design Manager, Kimberly-Clark.