AIGA Atlanta Board of Directors

Sam Eckersley, President

Sam Eckersley Picture

Sam Eckersley is a founding partner and creative director of RED Partners, an Atlanta-based design studio specializing in branded identities, campaigns, and events. One of his primary goals is to work with admirable people that in some way bring value to the world. That basic philosophy has led to years of building meaningful relationships that go well beyond client work. He is also the Associate Chair of Graphic Design at SCAD Atlanta, where he plays the roll of both teacher and department lead. Sam is working with AIGA to help support and unite Atlanta’s vast in-house design community through a series of small, medium, and large events.


Katie Bryl, Vice President

Katie Bryl Picture

Katie Bryl, a SCAD Atlanta Alumni, graduated with her BFA in Graphic Design. She began volunteering with AIGA in 2015 as a way to stay connected with the creative community post-college. After serving on the Programming Committee for 4 years, with 2 of those as the Programming Chair, Katie stepped into the role of Vice President. As Vice President, Katie hopes to continue to foster her love of the Atlanta creative community, grow as a designer, and use her experience to support her fellow board members. When she’s not working to improve her AIGA Chapter, she can usually be found at Piedmont Park or on the Beltline with her dog Moose. If she’s not outside, she’s probably traveling and attempting to find the best donuts in whatever city she’s in – the more sprinkles the better!


Casey Lovegrove, Secretary

Casey is a driven and curious graphic designer with a passion for strategic branding and creative problem solving. A native of Greenville, South Carolina, she discovered an interest in graphic design her senior year of undergrad and moved to Atlanta to complete a two-year portfolio program at the Portfolio Center. Casey is the in-house designer at GreenPrint, an Atlanta-based environmental tech company that calculates and offsets companies’ environmental footprint while marketing custom sustainability programs for their clients. She is responsible for the visual direction and design execution of multiple sustainability programs and enjoys the challenge of presenting educational environmental messages in a compelling that that prompts action and engagement beyond simple awareness.


Dione Jensen, Treasurer

After a few years of practicing accounting as a CPA, Dio decided to change her career path and follow her passion for design. She feels this was the best decision she has ever made and is now happy providing her design and illustration services as Dio Jensen Design. Dio takes every opportunity she can to broaden her design horizons, like the SVA Masters Typography Workshop in Rome with Steven Heller, Lita Talarico, and Louise Fili. If you don’t find Dio at work or working on her personal design projects, you will find her strolling down the streets of Reynoldstown with her husband and adorable beagle-mix dog, or trying to find the next best gluten-free restaurant.


Roberto Gomez, Partnerships Chair

Roberto Gomez Jr Headshot

As Senior Vice President of Standard Press, Roberto’s main goal is to support clients in achieving success for their business’s growth. He accomplishes this by designing innovative marketing strategies that connect with an audience and attract action. As a multilingual industry executive, Roberto was born in Havana, Cuba, and raised in Atlanta, GA. He attended The Art Institute of Atlanta and Dekalb College, studying graphic design, advertising, and studio production management. With more than three decades of experience in the media industry, Roberto has worked with a variety of enterprises and national nonprofit organizations. Some notable clients include: General Mills, The Coca-Cola Company, Home Depot, Sony Entertainment, and American Cancer Society. In his spare time, Roberto believes in giving back to the community and design industry through organizations like American Advertising Federation – DC Board, The Boy Scouts of America Board, and DC Chapter President of The National Black & Latino Council. You can connect with Roberto on Instagram at: @rgomezjr and Twitter at: @rgomezjr. You can view his work at:


Mike Williams, Membership Chair

Mike Williams Headshot

Mike Williams leads the Brand Identity and Consulting practice at Goods & Services, where he works with an amazingly talented team to build brands though identity, experiences, and storytelling. Prior, he has led brand design teams in agencies and on the client-side, with respected brands around the world. Mike has been a member and advocate of AIGA throughout his career, and began volunteering with AIGA Atlanta in 2017. As Membership Chair, he’s committed to helping AIGA Atlanta understand and respond to the needs of Atlanta’s designers, and ensuring they feel welcomed, connected, and engaged. (Please reach out and say hi!) When not designing, he’s typically getting lost on hiking trails, planning adventures with his kids, and searching for Atlanta’s best donuts.


Pauline Pellicer, Communications Chair

If you think of a designer as someone who creates pretty things that make the world a better place, then Pauline completely agrees with you. You see, Pauline has been creating pretty things for some time now and even though we’re not sure of her global impact, she is certainly having a positive effect as an Associate Creative Director at Brown Bag. Before Brown Bag, Pauline worked at Coastal Living Magazine, American Cancer Society, The Reynolds Group and id8 (formerly Sellier Design). A rare Atlanta native, Pauline likes exploring her city with her pup, Blue Ivy, but also traveling the world.


Joe Price, Programming Co-Chair

Joe Price Picture

In 1996, Joe met a graphic designer for the first time. He thought that was the coolest job ever and decided he wanted to make a career of it. Today, Joe is an independent graphic designer specializing in identity systems and custom logo types. He’s worked at various design agencies both large and small. Throughout his career, Joe has always loved attending design events and meeting other people in the community, and he brings that passion to his role as the Programming Co-Chair Board Member for AIGA. For him, this role is an opportunity to bring together traditional and non-traditional design disciplines. His goal is to strengthen the design community through the sharing of ideas, best practices and inspiration.

Meaghan Cafferty, Programming Co-Chair

Meagh Cafferty Picture

Meaghan is a Pennsylvania-native with a love for true crime, live music and all things design. She is founder of Soul&Story, a boutique branding studio for passionate businesses. Inspired by the spirit and vigor of Atlanta’s creative community, she joined AIGA to help plan events and bring people together. As AIGA Programming Co-chair she hopes to continue AIGA’s mission of amplifying the voice of design and creating the vision for a collective future.


Anna Sherlock, Education Chair

Anna Sherlock, President Emeritus

Anna Sherlock is a publication designer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Initially drawn to its union of creativity and strategy, she’s most passionate about design’s ability to uncover value and shape the world. She was President of AIGA SCAD Atlanta and the AIGA Atlanta Student Board from 2018–2019, working alongside the AIGA Atlanta Education Co-Chairs to direct student programming and events like the annual Pin-Up Show student showcase and Type Fight type design challenge. After graduating, she stayed on the Education committee as an advisor and to direct faculty outreach. She’s excited to now oversee the Student Board and other initiatives as Education Chair.


Stephanie Grendzinski, Head of High School Initiatives

As an Educational leader and Design professional, Stephanie is actively building the next generation of creative leaders. Her background in design and higher education has given her the skills to achieve results and influence change. Stephanie has a track record of building a talented instructor network, an innovative and leading-edge curriculum, and cultivating relationships with national and global organizations to connect student outcomes to career opportunities and professional success. Stephanie is a strong advocate for creating awareness of creative communications education with untapped youth. She currently sits on the Atlanta Public Schools’ Career Technical Agricultural Education (CTAE) Advisory Board. She works closely with the Work-Based Learning Liaisons to provide resources, developmental programs, and opportunities for the design and industry adjacent education pathways. In 2019, AIGA Atlanta created the High School ED committee to support these initiatives.


Sherra Bell, Business of Design Chair

Sherra Bell is business consultant, coach, and recruiter who has been helping creatives build sustainable and scalable studios for over 3 decades and is celebrating her 20th year as a resilient entrepreneur having officially registered her LLC only a month before 9/11.

Sherra believes that selling value and being highly profitable is the fastest path to a seat at the table. She is especially passionate about supporting the growth and innovation of creative studios that build sustainable prosperity for their owners while developing the next generation of design leaders. In this interim Business of Design role, Sherra will spend the summer of 2021 coordinating a series of roundtable discussions to help identify solopreneur and studio programming needs and (ideally) the future chapter leaders to bring the best ideas to life during the 2021-2022 AIGA calendar year.


Lucas Alvarez, In-House Chair

Lucas Alvarez Headshot 2020

Lucas Alvarez is the Design Director of Governance & Accountability Institute. He focuses his passion on creating meaningful designs for brands to advance their understanding of sustainability strategy within a wide range of fields. He has close to a decade of experience in developing brand strategy and creative that connects people to the design to create a lasting impact. Lucas’ work has included a wide range of B2B and B2C branding projects — from community districts, such as Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, to creating internal campaigns explaining complex processes for Coca-Cola Enterprise. This wide breadth of experience helps to inform his process in building creative that fits the client’s specific needs. Lucas holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Georgia State University and stays active in his community. In his free time, Lucas takes his skills in design to work on a passion project, such as the collaborative development of the abstract strategy game Hermetica.


Joe Kang, Mentorship Chair

Joe Kang Headshot 2020

Joe is the Senior Project Manager and Global Resource Manager at Edelman and actively involved in the community with mentorship programs and networking within the artistic and advertising industries. He also sits on the Steering Committee Board of Directors for Edelman’s Diversity and Inclusion Asian employee network called Boundless. His guilty pleasures are music, film, sports, cooking, food porn, fashion, retro sneakers, and dogs. His super power is interpersonal communication that allows him to tap into his inner parent, coach, babysitter, and psychologist to manage clients, music artists, and creative marketing teams. The vast array of management experience that he possesses helps him communicate in a professional and efficient manner with all types of personalities that instills trust, which is vital to long term working relationships. He finds inspiration in other creatives and bringing like-minded people together to make cool things happen.


Dorothea Taylor,  Diversity & Inclusion Chair

Dorothea Taylor is a founding partner and current owner of T.P. Design Inc. a design/illustration studio based in Stone Mountain, Georgia. They specialize in a unique blend of design fused with illustration or what they call “designustration”. Over the last 20+ years they have worked with a wide array of clients including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Church’s, General Mills, Cartoon Network, Georgia Pacific and Disney.  Dorothea feels fortunate having been exposed to art programs at an early age that led her to her career in design and illustration. She hopes to use this opportunity serving as the DEI chair to help increase awareness and make AIGA more inviting for marginalized designers.


Dallas Duncan Franklin, President Emeritus

Dallas Franklin, AIGA Atlanta President Emeritus
Dallas is passionate about organizing and empowering AIGA members to leverage our unique talent and resources to create a vision for Atlanta with Design at its center. As the Creative Director for Neenah Paper, Dallas loves the tactile immediacy of high-end print processes, obsesses over beautiful typography, and is an avid believer in strong, simple communication that informs as well as surprises. A native West Texan and Portfolio Center Grad, Dallas lives in Atlanta with her husband and four dogs. She enjoys canning, preserving, and pickling her signature “jammies”.


Hank Richardson, AIGA Ambassador & AIGA Fellow

Hank is the Design Coach at Portfolio Center. He is an AIGA Fellow and recipient of the New York Art Director’s Club 2010 Grandmaster Teacher’s Award. He is a Director of the Museum of Design Atlanta and has served on the AIGA National Board and board of The Society of Typographic Aficionados. He is the AIGA/Atlanta Education Co-Chair.  As an educator, he brings strategic design-thinking into his teaching integrating design, business, and technology. Hank advises student leadership teams that translate design-led business development for start-up companies and products within a real-world context. Hank works with industry leaders from The Coca-Cola Company, Georgia Tech School of Architecture, and the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech among others. He has contributed to such books as Design Wisdom, The Education of a Graphic Designer, Becoming a Graphic Designer, Design for Communications, The Education of a Typographer, Graphis, and Teaching Graphic Design. He travels widely, speaking at universities, and conducting workshops and seminars at conferences around the country. His students inhabit the most respected corporations, design firms, advertising agencies and entrepreneurial companies in the world — living testaments to his ability to nudge each student to a personal threshold where their best work is conceived.