AIGA National 
Founded in 1914. 57 nationwide chapters. More than 22,000 members. The oldest, largest professional association for designers and their creative allies in the whole country.

AIGA Atlanta
Founded in 1988. Jumbo. Big. Ninth largest in the nation. More than 600 members strong. Culls the talents of creative professionals across more than 5 counties, 4 major highways and something like 50 “Peachtree” Streets.

That’s history. Here’s what really matters.

AIGA Atlanta is an opportunity. A chance to meet, greet, learn from, be awed by, draw inspiration from and collaborate with other talented people who by circumstance or workload or simply miles of stalled traffic you might never, ever get to spend quality time with.

These mystery people? They’re your peers. AIGA Atlanta feels that you should know them. Hear what they have to say. Learn from their mistakes. And celebrate their triumphs.

This is where you do it! Explore opportunities under the Get Involved tab and plug in with whatever events or projects appeal to you.