America’s Dirty Secret: Designers Against Human Trafficking
Nationwide poster competition project bringing awareness to human trafficking in the US

Human trafficking is an archaic practice still burdening our modern society. It is not a third-world issue; it is a global issue. Yet human trafficking in all its forms – sexual slavery and forced labor being the most prominent – goes largely unnoticed. But a disarming number of sex trafficking victims are children (40%) and US citizens (82%). 

Unbeknownst to many Atlantans, our city is a major hub for trafficking, specifically sexual slavery. As a matter of fact, Atlanta was named by the FBI as one of 14 US cities with the highest rate of children used in prostitution. It's a shameful fact of which most of us are unaware, and it is the primary reason AIGA Atlanta has taken up this issue.

While this is an AIGA Atlanta project, the competition is open to all designers across the United States. We hope to see a wide variety of opinions and impressions on the topic of human trafficking. Our hope is that this poster project will help bring light to this abhorrent problem so that we may take one step closer to stomping it out.


America's Dirty Secret
Designers Against Human Trafficking
Poster Competition
When & Where
Sat, Mar 1, 2014 - Sun, May 4, 2014