AIGA ATL Open Studio Happy Hour

It's a new year and that means a new round of 12 great AIGA Atlanta happy hours for the local creative community. Your board has worked hard to come up with a unique schedule for these events! This will give anyone a great ability in these monthly sessions to support local business, while creating a great network of professionals and friends. One month will be an Open Studio, and the next will be at a local establishment!

This month, students and professionals alike are invited to the studio of Second Story. Headquartered in Portland, Second Story is a division of Sapient Nitro that pioneers new interactive experiences. They continue to push the boundaries of storytelling through environmental, animated, and narrative design. With clients including Nike, AIGA, Whole Foods, MoMA, Coke, and the Goat Farm, Second Story brings the newest ways for human communication to the forefront of the design industry.

Due to the security and location of the studio...
AIGA still encourages non-members to attend, so if you cannot register on the site, feel free to email Richard Morgan at up UNTIL NOON, ON MAY 27TH. The max registrants for each Happy Hour has always been 50, so there will be plenty of room if you register early!

Each of the 50 persons registered will receive a parking permit to exit the deck free of charge, so carpooling and MARTA-riding are encouraged! Simply walk into the building, locate the security desk, and they will buzz you to the floor where Second Story is located. Come hungry for insight into one of the coolest creative firms in the states!

Drinks are provided. Individuals are responsible or themselves.


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When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001