MODA presents: Tireside Chat: Craig Calfee of Calfee Design

May is National Bike Month! Join MODA for a Tireside Chat about bicycle design with Craig Calfee of Calfee Design.

Calfee bicycle frames were born in 1987 when Craig recognized that carbon fiber was going to be the material of choice for racing bikes. In 1991, he got a huge boost when Tour de France winner Greg LeMond ordered 18 bikes for his team. Calfee has been a leader in bicycle design ever since.

Craig explores other materials for building bikes as well, such as hemp and bamboo. He’s used the durable, inexpensive, and sustainable material to build racing, off-road, double-decker, and tandem bamboo bikes, as well as a DIY bamboo bicycle kit. He’s also helped to create a bamboo bike industry in Africa, where bikes are built with locally-grown bamboo and provide transportation and an income stream.

About Craig Calfee
Winning numerous awards across a more than 30-year long career in bicycle innovation, Craig Calfee is certainly a visionary in his field. Among his most famous designs are his bamboo and tandem bamboo bicycles, a DIY bamboo bicycle kit, and a motorcycle which converts to a gyrocopter! Craig is also known for his company Bamboosero, which sought to bring employment opportunities, as well as clean and accessible transportation to developing nations.

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When & Where
Sat, May 15, 2021 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
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