I try to always look at design as boundless, and and I want to create work that impacts people.”

– Caroline Williams

Tell us about yourself and your work.

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, before attending the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where I studied Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. I was also a member of the Women’s Swim Team during my time at UNCW. After graduating, I worked as a designer for N2 Publishing for two years. I learned a lot, but still had a lot more creative curiosity, leading me to my decision to attend MA.D Atlanta to pursue my Masters in Strategic Design. Here I fell in love with branding systems, creating campaigns, and designing the world around us from the perspective of human-centered design. I try to always look at design as boundless, and I want to create work that impacts people. I currently serve as the President of the Student Board and deeply value the interactions, connections, and learning opportunities the role provides me.

What agency or designer inspires you?

There is a lot of great work in this town, but two agencies I am particularly inspired by are Fitzco and Goods & Services.

What is your ideal job at the end of school?

I definitely want to be in an agency, but more importantly, one where I can learn a lot from great mentors. There is a lot to learn in a first job, and I want to do so from creative and stimulating people who are excited about the work they do.

How do you deal with creative blocks?

Like most creatives, I love Pinterest, but I also turn to agencies I admire for inspiration on how they deal with things I might be stuck on, such as color, type, working in a certain medium, etc. If my block is too deep for the internet, getting outside and getting a little exercise usually helps!

If you could interview any creative, who would it be?

Brian Collins

How do you want people to remember your work?

I want my ideas to be remembered. I, of course, want to design beautiful things, but many people can do that. I want to have a fresh take on even the most common things around us.

If you had to rebrand a logo which one would it be and why?

Airbnb, I even took a stab at it for a project in school. I think their current logo doesn’t live up to how cool of a brand it really is. I am a big consumer of that brand and think it would be so cool to take the start of my school project and redesign the brand for real!