Rise Up – 2016 Mentorship Program

Due to inclement weather and icy conditions, the Mentorship Kick-Off Party will be postponed to next Saturday, 1/30. Same time, same location.

AIGA Atlanta is proud to announce our second Mentorship Program, designed to pair students and emerging designers with seasoned mentors from our own creative community, ITP, OTP, and Beyond! We are continuing the program with another 3-month round, where mentees will have the opportunity to ask questions, share their portfolios, swap war stories, and explain their career goals. This second round of the Mentorship Program will consist of two groups: students being mentored by young professionals (3-5+ years experience) and young professionals being mentored by seasoned professionals (10+ years experience). The goal is for participants to end up with more than a line-item on a resume and a LinkedIn connection–but a meaningful, insightful partnership.

Mentee Registration is now Closed.

The mentor position is open to AIGA members who are young professionals (3-5+ years experience) and seasoned design professionals with (10+) years experience in a design-related field.

Click here for the Mentor Application.
Please email your completed application to riseup@aiga-atl.org.

Mentor Registration
Mentors register for the program by submitting their application via email. No online registration is required.

The Specifics:
• Mentors and mentees agree to a 3-month commitment from January – April.
• During this 3-month period, the minimum requirements are to meet one-on-one once a month, and email once a week. This can be as flexible as both sides are comfortable with.
• Life happens, and sometimes obligations need to be rearranged. Please give your partner the respect of at least 24 hours cancellation notice prior to your scheduled meeting.
• This is not considered an internship, nor a guarantee of employment.
• The AIGA Mentorship Committee will hand select pairs based on the application, geographic proximity, professional interests, and outside interests of each applicant.
• During this second round, students will be mentored by young professionals (3-5+ years) and young professionals will be mentored by seasoned professionals (10+ years).
• There will be a launch party on Saturday, January 23rd where mentees and mentors will meet “officially” for the first time with mandatory attendance.
• There will be a survey at the end of the 3-month process in order to optimize the experience.
• There will be a closing party on Saturday, April 23rd at the end of the 3-month process with mandatory attendance.
• Focus is on enhancing skills necessary to be a successful professional designer.
• Program is entirely experiential and customized by participant according to their areas of need.
• After acceptance into the program you will receive a Welcome Packet with more instructions.
• If using social media to detail this experience, use hashtag #AIGARiseup.

There is a fee of $25 for all mentees to apply for the program. Participation is free for mentors, but the application process is still a requirement.

Beyond the Partnering
There will be a launch party on Saturday, January 23rd. More details will be announced after acceptance into the program. The official end date is exactly 3 months after the Launch Party, Saturday, April 23rd at the closing party. Please go ahead and mark your calendars, attendance is mandatory to both of these events!

We are grateful for the help of the Mentorship Committee and Son&Sons for making this program a reality.

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