Neil Summerour – A Love of Letterforms

Please join us for an artist talk with Neil Summerour presented by the University of North Georgia to accompany the show of his work at the Roy C. Moore gallery on the Gainesville campus until February 11.

Neil Summerour - A Love of Letterforms

"I was the kid that won all of the handwriting competitions in elementary school. Yeah, that kid. It wasn’t until I had completed my studies at the University of Georgia that I realized the notion of fully exploring and developing a career entrenched in letterforms and lettering, leading ultimately to typeface design, was even possible. Typefaces, their embodiment as fonts, the letterforms, and their creative interpretation, and the tools behind them all contribute to an invocation of visceral emotions, associated memories, and familiarity—this is why brands rely so heavily on their existence and usage and why we, as individuals, are inspired, enraged, and consoled with their adept execution. For me, typefaces and lettering are an extension of the hand and should bring warmth and familiarity. A form that can carry an elegant curve or an ingenious solution draws us in to explore it more, read the words it displays before us, and compels us to seek out more. This practice should translate as well on the printed page as it does on the screen, utilizing the technical mastery necessary to ensure successful replication."

Neil is the University of North Georgia's first guest artist in Gainesville - he is a type designer, and owner of Positype. His notable typefaces include NFL All-Pro Sans, Girl Scout Scripts, Victoria One (Victoria's Secret), and Oculus Sans (Facebook) to name a few. His work is up on display at the Roy C. Moore gallery at the University of North Georgia Gainesville campus until Feb. 11th.

The gallery will be open Monday-Thursday between 12:30-4pm, and Fridays 12:30-3pm. Masks are required.

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When & Where
Fri, Feb 5, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST