Handling the Curve Workshop Series with Ryan Hamrick

Join Ryan Hamrick for everything you ever wanted to know about what goes into executing a custom hand-lettering piece from start to finish!

General Session $60 ($4.00 fee)
30 spots available.
Everything you ever wanted to know about what goes into executing a custom hand-lettering piece from start to finish. We’ll look at how and where to find the best resources for study, research, and reference, how to get started with sketching initial concepts, and quickly iterating through ideas to get where you’re trying to go a little faster. We’ll work through the best ways to move forward, once you’ve found that perfect style and layout, and are ready to clean it up and execute final, digital artwork. Finally, we’ll have a fun and exciting discussion, answering your biggest questions, sharing and giving feedback on the work we’ve created, and more.

General & Capital Session $80 ($5.00 fee)
20 spots available.
For those wanting to go a little further, stay a little longer. In this more intimate, small-group setting, we’ll dive deeper into some finer, more specific techniques, explore other lettering styles, and their defining principles, and for everyone that can bring a laptop with Illustrator installed, we’ll even dig further into the best practices and preferred methods of specifically drawing letters in vector.

Also Included
– Access to a free copy of my hit Lettering Brush set for Procreate, for anyone with an iPad Pro or anyone who is planning to get one or even use one in the future
– VIP access and a one-year free membership to the Handling the Curve resource and training site launching this fall.
– $10 off discount code for AIGA Atlanta Members.  Code: ATLAIGA10

About Ryan
Ryan is an independent lettering artist and designer who has been working for himself for over six years, developing custom letter-based work for companies like Google, Samsung, Target, Hallmark, LaCroix, Hershey, and many, many more. One of his passions for the future is crusading against the abandoning of cursive writing instruction in school, and taking up the mantle of keeping the knowledge alive where schools won’t.

When & Where
Thu, Aug 10, 2017 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Creative Circus
812 Lambert Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30324