by Elizabeth Seidle
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Featured, News · May 15, 2015
by AIGA Atlanta
If you join, renew, or upgrade during AIGA’s Spring membership drive, it’ll be even sweeter than ever.
Featured, News · April 15, 2015
by AIGA Atlanta
This film will allow designers of my generation and after, to learn about how it all worked before computers, and it will serve to honor the folks who made that transition from hand to digital, for their experience and skills that most designers and illustrators will never know again.
News · March 27, 2015
by AIGA Atlanta
Let's make the Atlanta community a leader in this program—bring forward your bold, innovative ideas to use design for something impactful and exciting.
News · January 11, 2015
by AIGA Atlanta
Come spend an evening chatting about all things UX with Jared Spool, one of the greatest minds in the industry.
News · October 25, 2014