AIGA100 Century of Design Sunday, August 17, 2014 / Atlanta
The only national exhibition of artifacts from the AIGA archives celebrating the centennial. Curated by Medalist and president, Sean Adams. Read More
Atlanta Type Walk Saturday, August 2, 2014 / Atlanta
The Atlanta Type Walk weaves the story that letters in the downtown built environment tell. The walk travels in time from 1897 to present. Read More
RT @wade_a_2nd: Everyone is always welcome with us and @AIGAatl at the Buzz events! Can't begin to say how excited I am for next month's ha…
RT @cinephilesanon: First of a 5 part leadership series from @AIGAatl and @marynorwood
Designers read culture like a surfer reads a wave. @pursuitofgolf #AIGALeadAtl
"Beyond looking pretty". Be a design thinker! @dusherwood
RT @aigaorlando: Tip: drop down window in INDD, check out "folio overlays" to see where interactive hot spots are with the Adobe Content vi…
Diligence is your most powerful tool. #AIGALeadAtl
On leadership: leadership does not simply happen. It's taught, learned developed. @marynorwood #AIGALeadAtl
Listening to Mary Norwood dole advice on leadership at our retreat! #AIGAatl #AIGALEADATL
Long before Adobe, the Mac, printers and film, there was Letterpress Printing. A way to print using metallic blocks of type that were artfully set in a "chase" on the Platen press. The hand-made impression this makes continues to impress designers and...

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